When it comes to the publication of books, our strength is in helping people find agents and publishers. Therefore, we scoured the internet to find a great self-publishing production person that we could refer our clients to who prefer to self-publish.

Our goal is to refer you to a self-publishing partner so that you can self-publish your book with confidence, pay a fair price, receive a final product that you can be proud of, and not have to order a gazillion books for starters.

Email or call (831) 726-3153 and ask Randy Peyser for a referral to a wonderful self-publishing partner.

Want to sell your self-published book to a publisher? Publishers will consider a self-published book provided you can show a great track record of sales. If you want us to shop your self-published book to a traditional publisher, please contact us.

Let us edit your book! Prior to self-publishing, be sure your book is professionally edited. Our team of top-rated editors can help!

Call or send an EMAIL (831) 726-3153 to have your book edited, and to receive an introduction to our wonderful self-publishing production partner.

We will refer you to a self-publishing partner! Call (831) 726-3153 or send us an email.

Not sure whether or not to self-publish or pursue a traditional publisher? Here are the pros and cons of self-publishing vs. traditional publishing.