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Author One Stop - How to Get your book everywhere

1. The How to Get Your Book Everywhere E-Course is powerful!

We just had to share this course with you because it's that good! You will receive:

  • Contact information for thousands of book buyers

  • Step-by-step video training to get your book onto Kindle and the Nook

  • A list of the top 100 book reviewers

  • An ebook jam-packed with insiders’ secrets and resources you need to know

  • Hear actual calls with buyers of what they say!

  • Discover how to become an Amazon best seller—(it’s easier than you think).

2. Drive Traffic to Your Website! Press Release Distribution Package! $1500

60,000-507,000 impressions per keyword-enhanced release!

We know how to increase your exposure on the web and Search Engine rankings through the online placement of press releases and articles. Our clients are getting up to 507,000 impressions PER release with this package. (An impression is a location on the web where your release can be viewed.)

You will receive:

1) One Press Release - laden with keywords to bring you the greatest amount of traffic.

2) The paid electronic submission of your article to 10,000+ online sources via PR Web, including the Google Newswire and the Yahoo Newswire, RSS feeds and more. Distribution points through PRWEB include: Detroit Free Press, USA Today, San Jose Mercury News, New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Feedster, MSN Money, Boston Herald, Los Angeles Times, Dallas Morning News, Boston Globe, NewsNow, Houston Chronicle, The Daily News, NewsTrove.com, AP Digital, Chicago Sun Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, LATimes.com, Wall Street Journal, Google News, Fox, Yahoo News, The Denver Post, PBS, CNN, Detroit News, NBC News, MSNBC, AltaVista News, Washington Post, NPR, MSN News, CBS News, Topix.net, AllTheWeb News, Daypop, Smartmoney.com, Chicago Tribune, ABC News...and many more!

"I did a Google search and a Yahoo search using my name. The article you posted for me shows up page after page after page! How exciting!" - Kathy Szpakowski, Achievers Library

3. Get listed on Wikipedia!

We write Wiki pages. $1997 per Wiki page; 850-1200 words, includes placement on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is a great place for you to get exposure. We will write your Wiki page and upload your Wiki page to Wikipedia for you, since Wikipedia does not allow you to place your own page on Wikipedia.. When we write your Wiki page, we will make sure your Wiki page meets Wikipedia's stringent standards and does not read like an Advertorial.

4. Personal Development Radio Media Tour

2000+ Personal Development Radio Shows are waiting to interview you!
Get $500 Gift Coupon Toward Your Personal Development Radio Media Tour

Author, Speakers and Leaders: Do you want to be proposed as a guest to more than 2000 radio shows that are specifically seeking personal development/self-help/conscious living/prosperity/health experts? As a best selling author and world class publicist, my colleague Jackie Lapin has assembled an astonishing portal directly to these shows.

Her Personal Development Radio Media Tour is the only direct connection to this targeted media segment! Sell books, drive opt-in and increase your visibility! If you’ve got a book launching or you want to revitalize a book sitting in your garage or on book shelves, you’ve got to explore this option!

Give Jackie a call at (818) 707-1473 within the next 48 hours and get a $500 coupon toward her Guaranteed 30 Interview Tours or the new Direct Access Path for budget-conscious and self-published authors! Then go to Personal Development Radio Media Tour and get connected.

5. Search Engine Optimization & Shopping Carts

Gain visibility for your website and more profitability for your book through website and search engine optimization.

We will refer you to our favorite SEO expert, Bram Larrick, so you can maximize traffic to your website and convert your visitors into buyers. Simply choosing the right shopping cart solution can move you dozens of pages ahead of your competition in terms of search rankings. With the right blend of SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, you may find yourself on page one, where nearly 100% of all search engine traffic comes from.

SEO and Shopping Cart Services include:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Website optimization
  • Shopping Cart options and implementation
  • Analysis of your competition (how they got to #1)

When you need to make a powerful impact, we're ready to help! Contact Author One Stop.


Get your book into stores





Learn how to get your book formatted and onto the Kindle and Nook, plus get phone numbers and email addresses for thousands of book buyers!


"After I purchased the Press Release Placement Package I had 7 pages of Google references! Before, I only had 1 page of Google references." - Lorena Bathey


"Randy, you are the PR Goddess! Remind me never to incarnate in a life without you!" - Vaishali


Lead for YOU!

Sign up as a "breaking news" expert on Annie Jennings PR list. It is free to be listed as an expert on her site. You pay per placement. Annie has major contacts in television and much more.