MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION SERVICE: Read Through and Written Analysis

We are not agents. We help people find agents and publishers. If you want help to find an agent or publisher for your book, here is where we begin:

1. Contact us and ask for our application form. You will receive an introductory letter, rate sheet, and confidentiality agreement, along with the application.

2. We ask for a small non-refundable deposit fee of $150 that is entirely applied toward your project. This small fee ensures that only the people who are really serious about having us work with their projects request an application.

3. When we receive your application and deposit, we will begin to glance through various parts of your manuscript so that we can put together a plan for what your manuscript needs. We will then get back to you with an estimate for the amount of time we believe it will take to thoroughly read your manuscript, take copious notes, and provide a comprehensive written analysis of it so that you can strengthen the parts that are weak or write in the parts that are missing. This analysis is very detailed and examples and suggestions are given so that you will know how to fix many of the problems your manuscript might have.

If you wish to proceed, you will send payment to cover the estimated time for the Read Through and Written Analysis and the editor will begin the work. Any time that is not used to create your plan from the original non-refundable deposit can be applied toward the manuscript read through and written analysis.

The Read Through and Written Analysis is absolutely necessary before we shop a book to a literary agent or publisher. This process informs us as to whether or not we believe your project has the potential to sell. We don't believe in ever wasting anyone's time or money. We will be honest with you so that you can create your best possible outcome. Our reputation is on the line every time we query a literary agent or publisher.

We work with the best in the business. This means that whenever we query a literary agent or publisher on your behalf, we must know that your manuscript meets their rigorous standards.

4. After the manuscript has gone through a Read Through and Written Analysis, it will go back to you for your rewrites.

5. If it is found to be necessary to edit the manuscript, we can provide an estimate for editing your work when you've completed your rewrites. In most instances, editing is necessary.

To begin: ask for our application form and we will get back to you with our plan and an estimate for the Read Through and Written Analysis. Contact: Author One Stop.


We currently have 36 clients under contract with literary agents or publishers!

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