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RANDY PEYSER – Author Services

AMY WENSLOW, product development guru, helps people package their products correctly to get into major national retail chains. She sends lots of clients to us for book editing and to find publishers. Find out why! Watch the video above.

“I tell people ‘you are the woman who changed my life’.”Elinor Stutz, author of Nice Girls DO Get the Sale

“Randy is the reason I secured a deal with McGraw-Hill Education who have been a great fit for me. Her extensive network and knowledge of how the book industry *actually* works is her value. She understands that not every proposal is good for every publisher, so when I worked with her to develop my pitch to take to BEA, she created a list of the folks most likely to be interested. The result was no less than 7 parties who were actively interested, or open to reading my proposal. She worked with me to make sure the proposal had all the right pieces in place, so she could pitch it. We went back an forth for a few months, but the end result was worth the wait: 4 offers!” – Josh Levine

“Randy Peyser is an author and book consultant. I devoured her most recent book, The Power of Miracle Thinking, and continue to be inspired by its powerful message. But what I want to share is what Randy can do for you if you are an aspiring author. Randy teaches you exactly what you need to do to get your book in front of an agent or publishing house. She is a master at writing a book proposal and can provide priceless feedback if you are writing the proposal yourself. I highly recommend this talented and inspirational author. Her knowledge of the publishing field can make your dream of becoming an author a reality. Call Randy today and tell her your dream. I did! I am also available if you have any questions about what you will get if you decide to work with this phenomenal woman.”Dr. Roxanne Schreiber

“I bought a copy of Alternative Medicine magazine and was floored. You are an incredible writer and reporter. You sifted through our phone conversation, pulled out what mattered the most, and delivered it with accuracy and integrity. You are the only writer who has ever captured the essence of what I am trying to do….. and just really just nailed it. Thank you so much for applying your storytelling genius to my story. It is a beautiful, accurate and very inspiring piece.”Thomas Day Oates, Sacred Earth Film Productions

“I loved your synopsis! I thought it was great, and I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication. You captured the series really well, yet, without divulging too many of the secrets. Nicely done.”David Ben, Author, fantasy novel

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! What incredible web copy. I am really totally jazzed. It could not be more perfect! I was excited about this project before…but now I can hardly wait to get this launched and tell everyone about it! “- Michelle Van Otten

“Oh my God, I JUST LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE IT . You have captured exactly what I am creating and expressing it in such a way that makes me feel you have known me forever. I am so excited about working with you, I just know we are going to do great things together.”Charlette Manning

“The one page website you wrote is absolutely brilliant! You captured the essence of everything we had envisioned in our head!”Kelly O’Neil, Up level Strategies

“I consider Randy Peyser to be an expert at working with authors to get their books published and creating connections with agents and publishers. She really knows the topic firsthand. When I needed information about how to get my book completed and published, Randy was selfless in giving me information and advice, which led to Care: You Have the Power being published. I recently heard her speak and she not only disseminated real-world information to many future authors, she also entertained us with anecdotes from her one-woman comedy show. I would recommend that anyone who wants to get their book published start by contacting Randy”. – Ivan Temes, Founder, Leadership and Loyalty, Author of Care You Have the Power

“I’m so impressed with this article! I just can’t believe the way you pulled all of my information together!! SUPER JOB! I’m so impressed that you put the material together for the web site in 1 hour!!! YOU certainly captured the essence of this work so well! Thanks so much for your expertise!” – Sharon Wikoff, Child Specialist

“I love it! How do you do that? Man, I am going to run everything past you from now on. You say it so well. Thank you so much!” Karen Gedig Burnett, Author of numerous children’s books

“Blessings and love to you, Randy. Thank you for the wonderful work of art you did for me! I am grateful.” – Elissa Giles, Intuitive Healer and Teacher

“I am very happy with your work on the article! It’s a pleasure to be able to write freely, knowing you can help me to put it all together and clarify what I have to say into a finished article. Thank you for doing a beautiful job!”Karen Pearle, Bodywork Practitioner

“Looks great! How did you get all that info in 2 paragraphs? Thanks. We love it.” – Rob Witty

“You really are GOOD. I like my Bio immensely. I am really pleased with your style. You make me want to go take writing classes. Thanks!”Leon Ainer, Attorney, Ainer Fraker, L.L.P.

“Cecilia was right. You do rock.”Chuck Rogers, author of Heroes Road (regarding the shaping and editing of his synopsis)

“Randy…GREAT JOB!!!! You are the best. This is a brilliant piece, and I suspect that we can use it in many ways.”Barb Hoffer, Teleosis Institute

“Wow! You have captured my style and intention, in addition to the value I offer my clients and what I deliver. Thanks so much for working with me.” Karen Mathews, Innovative Training Solutions

“You do great work! Thank you so much for the excellent job you did on my bio.”Rob Malech, Million Dollar Real Estate

“Your work is awesome. I’m thrilled. The first week I sent out my new speaker’s bio, I got three new gigs!”Laurelle Johnson, Innerwealth Communications

“Listening to Randy Peyser is like having a Guardian Angel take you by the hand and lead you to the promised land of being a published writer. Randy is smart, well-connected, and passionately knowledgeable about the book business. She makes you believe you can do it; we know it’ll be a lot easier with her help!”Mary Reynolds Thompson, CPCC

“Much heartfelt gratitude to Randy Peyser for her skilled and informative article appearing in The East Bay Monthly. Since this writing, my Bowen Therapy bodywork practice has multiplied. I have received many calls and 15 new clients. I highly recommend Randy as a highly effective and compelling writer/journalist, author and marketer.”Michael Harrison CMT, Advanced Bowen Therapist, Director of Educational Health Systems

“It is with a grateful heart that I thank you for your generous sharing and inspiration. Wow. It was exactly what I was asking for. Your clarity and enthusiasm has certainly motivated me to take the next step in the great and grand unfolding of my work/service/passion.”Peggy Black, Sacred Sound Salutarist

“Randy and her team were able to provide me with the guidance that I needed. I was able to publish an extremely professional book in a short amount of time. This was the perfect stop for publishing my first book!”Troy Fontana, 2009 “Finalist” (PFP) Personal Trainer of the Year, Author of Climb to The Top, Owner Fontana Fitness

“On behalf of our Critique Group, I want to thank you so very much for taking time to speak to us yesterday. You provided very useful information, along with some gracious tips and suggestions. We all appreciate your kindness in taking your valuable time, and we are now equipped with more tips and insights to make a truly informed decision about our work. Thank you again.”Regards, Karen Hartley


ANDREA GLASS – Ghostwriting, E-books, Marketing Materials and Website Text

“Andrea Glass is a dream…..such a caring and gentle being with so much talent!” –  Mary Jane Ridder, author of How to Create a Holistic Treatment Plan

“Andrea Glass has the gift to put into words a crisp, clean, concise summary of the points I’m trying to make. She has the unique ability to bring out the best in my writing that makes me feel I’m conveying my wisdom at my best with still sounding like myself. I couldn’t be the success I am without Andrea on my team.” –  Peter Schneider, www.DiscoverSolutions.com and www.DiscoverYourTrueValue.com.

“Andrea, we are so pleased we used you to write our website. It has saved us so much time and stress and it gave us the needed motivation to get our website done. I have several ideas for articles that I need to write, so we will be in contact soon.”Sam and Kerri Moehlenpah, www.ChristianCotherapy.com

Andrea, this is so great. You’re a wonderful writer. You did a great job on all the reports you wrote for my website”Carol Bassett, www.nubodfitness.com

“I queried 95 agents. Most never responded. You cut right to the chase. I could have shaved a year off my efforts had I found you before. Worth every penny.”Louis Kirby, MD, Author of the upcoming novel, The Genesis Agenda


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