by Randy Peyser

Many people choose to self-publish before they understand why they should find a publisher for their book. Here are some of the best reasons to find a publisher for your book:

1) You want to grow your career by reaching a larger national or global audience with your message. Traditional publishers offer national distribution and often go after foreign rights for your book.

2) You want well-known media placements. Example: Getting into Oprah magazine, Time magazine, or on the New York Times Bestseller List or The Wall Street Journal Bestseller List are achieved through traditional publishers.

3) You want your book sold in bulk. Publishers have staff dedicated to bulk sales. For example, FedEx Office bought 3000 copies of two of my clients’ books – Hired! by Elinor Stutz, and 30 Days Results Guide to Social Media Success by Gail Z. Martin – for all their stores.



by Randy Peyser

Question: What’s the quickest way to get literary agents to roll their eyes in frustration? Answer: Tell them the book you are pitching to them has already been self-published.

If you think it’s easy to sell your self-published book to a publisher, please read on:

Many people approach me in the hopes of having me pitch their self-published books to literary agents or traditional publishers. Whenever I’ve pitched a self-published book to a literary agent, here is what I experience:  Rolled eyeballs, a pleading look, and the same question: “Why? Why did they do that? They just killed the sale.”

When a book has been self-published, every literary agent will ask me: “When did it come out, and how many copies have sold? Now, here’s the catch. If your book has sold a small amount of copies in the time period in which it’s been out, then your book is seen as a bad investment by a publisher. On the other hand, if your book has sold very well, then they will ask, “Well, who does the author have left to sell it to?” It’s a double-edged sword.


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