Ghostwriting Services

Put our talented ghostwriters to work for you! Call (831) 726-3153 to discuss your project.

Our top-rated ghostwriters will take your words and ideas and construct your full-length, non-fiction manuscript or novel.

Some of the extremely successful books on our Home Page were ghostwritten by us. We do not reveal the names of the books we’ve been hired to ghostwrite because ghostwriting is a confidential service. Our names will not appear on the cover of your book.

When you hire us to ghostwrite your book, you own all rights to your book. We ghostwrite for a flat fee based on 50-page increments and we do not take royalties, like many others do.

Our Typical Ghostwriting Process


  1. Call us to discuss your project: (831) 726-3153. Download our Confidentiality Agreement HERE
  2. We will set up an introductory phone call with the expert ghostwriter we’ve chosen for you. This person will be handling “your baby”. We want to make sure you feel confident and excited about moving forward with your ghostwriter.
  3. To proceed, we will send you our ghostwriting contract. You will pay for the first 50 pages.
  4. The ghostwriter will set up a phone call with you to create the chapter outline for your book. The ghostwriter will also help you to establish or refine your topic/theme.
  5. Once you’ve approved the chapter outline, you will be interviewed by phone approximately every 2 weeks as the writing progresses. At the beginning, the ghostwriter will send you a small amount of text, perhaps 5-10 pages, to get your immediate feedback. This process of submitting 5-10 pages at the beginning has consistently and successfully enabled us to capture the author’s voice correctly, so that we can represent you as the professional you are. Once the “flow” has been established, the ghostwriter will send you larger portions of text at a time for your review.


Call (831) 726-3153 to discuss the ghostwriting for your book and rates!

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