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Find a literary agent or publisher

“Securing book deals is my passion! If your book is stellar, and I think it’s salable, I’ll pitch it!” – Randy Peyser

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I have a very strong track record of helping first-time authors and professionals find agents and publishers for their books. If you’ve been querying agents or publishers and you are getting nowhere, or if you have no idea who to approach, I invite you to contact me. My authors’ books are consistently considered by literary agents and publishers, and many wonderful book deals have resulted.

The publishing industry is a competitive and crowded space. Like any industry, relationships matter. The great news for you is that I’ve nurtured and sustained relationships with literary agents and publishers for over two decades. When I pitch your book, I don’t query random people. I’m primarily pitching to seasoned agents and strong publishers who have known me for over 20 years.


Here are real examples of statements made by literary agents to me:

  • “Randy, when you have something for me text me first. I get over 1000 submissions a month, and I don’t read those emails anymore.” – Text a literary agent? Wow! That’s the power of a relationship!
  • “Randy, I hope you know I fast-track every project you send me.” – Why? The projects I’ve sent her have resulted in great book deals, so she can’t wait to see what I’ll send next.

But that’s not all! Publishers also send me emails in which they tell me the topics they are looking for. Is your book possibly the one they are looking for right now?

“I hired Randy to represent an idea I had for a business book. She found eight publishers and four literary agents who were willing to consider my book once I wrote it. I was so inspired by how she represented me that I featured her in another one of my books called, ‘Visionary Women Inspiring the World’.” – Kelly O’Neil, Marketing and Business Strategist

“Randy gives 1000 percent and she’s great! She found five publishers who expressed interest in my book.” – Patti Williams, Author of Sound of My Soul (spiritual fiction)

“I am now the proud author of a book by a highly acclaimed publisher who Randy pitched for me. It’s now been translated into 3 languages. My career has skyrocketed! Randy also secured the literary agent who sold my second book to a publisher in one week! You can count on Randy to get the job done and do it extremely well!” – Elinor Stutz, Author of “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale!” (Sourcebooks) and “HIRED!” (Career Press)

“WOW. The connections you made for me are so incredible! You’re the best, Randy, really! I don’t know what to say… what a blessing!!! Words cannot describe my feelings, or my gratitude to you! Thanks again, so much, for your friendship and abilities!”– David Ben, Author of Millennium Dragon (children’s fantasy)

“I wrote a book on a very niched topic for a non-mainstream audience. Randy found two publishers for me, one of whom was chomping at the bit to get my manuscript in their hands.” – Steaphen Fick, A Beginners Guide to Swordfighting

We have many authors under contract with literary agents and publishers we’ve found for them! Could YOU be next? Let’s talk!


Author One Stop, Inc. produces huge results for clients!

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The publishing industry is crowded. You don’t have to figure it out. We know exactly who to pitch for you!

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Nice Girls Do Get the Sale

“Beyond my wildest imagination, the publisher you helped find for my first book, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale, enabled me to become an international bestseller. Utilizing your service once again, my second manuscript, HIRED!, sold in 1 week. I wake up smiling every single morning. Thank you Randy! Thank you, Author One Stop!” – Elinor Stutz


The Beginners Guide to Long Sword

We found a publisher for this very niched book, and we can help you, too!


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We have great connections to top literary agents and publishers!


Tarot Board Game

Board games and oracle decks have been sold!


Literary agents and publishers consider our clients’ projects because we are a trusted resource for the referral of quality books.


Please contact us if you would like us to help you find an agent or publisher.

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