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We hold a high level of expectation for the books we edit!

Your book is in the best of hands with Author One Stop. Why? Every Author One Stop editor has worked for a publisher or has edited books that have sold to publishers. See the About Page for Editor Bios.

We do all different forms of editing, including developmental editing, which involves moving big chunks of text around so your chapters unfold in the right order; and copyediting to improve word choice, fix sentence structure, and correct grammar and punctuation.

Here’s what people say about our editing services…



1. Publishers have stringent standards that we must meet in order to help you get a book deal. We will begin by having a brief conversation with you about your book.

2. We choose the editor who is the best fit for you. You are welcome to review all credentials on the About page.

3. The editor will briefly review your materials to create a bid to perform a Read Through and Written Analysis for your manuscript. We will submit a bid to you for this Analysis. An Analysis is not editing. It is a necessary step before the editing process.

4. With your authorization, the editor will perform the Read Through and Written Analysis to  assess if we believe your book has the potential to get a publisher. You will also receive a report that details problems you need to fix. Examples of how to fix the problems are offered.

5. If your manuscript has major problems, we can handle those for you through ghostwriting, or you can do the rewrites from the Manuscript Analysis we provide for you. If a manuscript is initially in very rough shape, we may need to do a second analysis, in part or in whole, to see how far you’ve been able to take it.

6. After you’ve made your changes based on the analyses, and the content is complete, we will provide a bid to you for a first round edit. Many books need only one round of editing. Occasionally, a book will need a second round.


We are dedicated to your success. It is our promise to you to never waste your time or money. After our brief conversation with you, we will send you a Rate Sheet. We must see your manuscript in order to provide a bid for the Read Through and Written Analysis, because everyone’s writing is different. Some manuscripts come to us in great shape and others need more work. All editing services are payable upon retainer and may be paid incrementally. We accept all major credit cards, Paypal and checks.

Contact Randy Peyser for a 10-minute complementary consultation to discuss your book.

Call (831) 726-3153

JOANNA GIANGARDELLA’S riveting memoir was edited by Author One Stop.

Sample of the hundreds of books we’ve edited…

Slave: A Human Trafficking Survivor Finds Life was edited by Judy Mandel, developmental editor, and Randy Peyser, copyeditor.

The Guardian Angel Diary

The Guardian Angel Diary, was edited by our editor who is a Book Reviewer for People Magazine

85A The Book

We edited 85A, winner of two 2011 “Next Generation Indie Silver Awards” in the GLBT and YA categories. Congrats to Kyle Smith!

Choose Your Life

We edited this winner of a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, Bronze Medal, Mind-Body-Spirit category! Choose Your Life: A Travel Guide for Living, by Karen Gedig Burnett

Gaia's Emissary

Gaia’s Emissary by Suzanne Fensin

Choose- to Live 150

Choose to Live: Joyce & Kevin O’Brien healed themselves from Stage 3 and 4 cancer!

21 Templates that Run Your World

21 Templates that Run Your World by Sue Wilhite is featured in Mind, Body, Spirit bookstores

Plague of Good Intentions

Turnaround CEO creates plan to help Africans thrive

Healing Without Hurting
Author featured in HEAL movie

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