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Randy Peyser

Randy Peyser

Is the book you want to write (or have written), and the book a publisher or reader will buy, the same book?

If you want to sell your book to a publisher, and you want scores of readers to buy it, in this 1-hour consultation, we will discuss:

  • The best angle to take regarding your idea to attract a publisher
  • What publishers are looking for now
  • Every component you need to put in place to sell your book to a publisher
  • Market research you must do before you write a single word
  • Formats that work well for non-fiction
  • Book concepts for marketability and salability
  • Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • Literary agents
  • Book proposal writing
  • The target market for your book
  • The title for your book
  • Cover Endorsements

By the end of the consulting session you will feel on-target and confident in the direction you need to take in order to achieve the publishing success you desire.


Whether your book is in the idea stage, or you’ve written a few chapters or entire manuscript, working with a book coach can provide crucial direction and professional expertise that you just can’t get if you haven’t been in the publishing industry for years.

For example, do you know what is hot and selling in New York right now? We do! If you know what’s hot and selling and you can slant your material to focus on what publishers want now, you are more likely to get a book deal.


Want to write a non-fiction book and not quite sure where to begin? This program will jump start the writing of your book and will provide you with a clear direction for your draft.

It all starts by creating a comprehensive book outline.

The strength of your book lies in its foundation. Your book’s foundation is your blueprint to your success. Through a series of six (approx. one hour) video conference calls, we’ll work together to create a book outline that will become the blueprint for your book.

By doing so, you’ll gain clarity on your book’s message while saving time and money during your writing process. This investment alone is worth its weight in gold and is absolutely affordable.

Through a series of questions, we will examine:

  • Your book’s vision and purpose
  • Target audience
  • Why you are the person to write the book
  • Why your audience will care about the book’s message
  • What is the audience’s pain point or problem?
  • What is the solution you have to the problem?

During this six-week coaching program, you’ll meet with Corrine Casanova, my top book coach, who has 18 years of experience in both traditional publishing and self-publishing. By the end of this six week-process, you’ll have a comprehensive book outline along with a solid plan. You will know what it will take to write your book, and have a clear understanding of your path to publication – whether your book is to be pitched to a traditional publisher or self-published. If you wish to continue working with your coach, additional time can be purchased as desired.

How Fiction Book Coaching Works

1. You will have an Introductory Coaching Consultation with one of our top fiction book coaches. She will speak to you about:

  • Your plot structure
  • ​3 main characters​–your detective, your villain, a key contributor
  • Setting
  • Where to begin the novel–what will be back story and what will be in Chapter One
  • Your theme​

1.  After completing this call, you will write your first chapter. All chapters should be 3000 words maximum, 10-15 pages each. Aim for 20 chapters to complete the book.

2.  You will submit the chapter to the book coach. She will:

a.  Read your chapter

b.  Provide a 1-hour consultation and give you feedback

c.  Send you a recording of your consultation

3. You will rewrite the chapter according to the feedback you receive from the book coach and submit the rewrite.

4. The book coach will provide feedback via email regarding your rewrite.

Our fiction book coaches have sold over 600,000 of their books. We would love for you to do the same!


Do you want to write a middle grade novel and tell a story that kids will love?

If the idea of writing a middle grade novel has been twirling around in your head, or you began writing a middle grade novel in the past, but got derailed, here is your opportunity to get that book written with guidance from a pro!

Children’s book coach, Suzanne Lieurance, has helped countless people write middle grade novels, and now, she is available to help you. Suzanne will guide you to write your middle grade novel—from start to finish— in just 16 weeks!

Why 16 Weeks?

Suzanne has written many middle grade novels, for Scholastic and a number of other publishers, both as a ghostwriter and under her own byline. From years of experience, she knows that it takes time to develop a good (even great) idea into a full-fledged, middle grade novel that agents and editors will want to consider and that readers will want to buy.

Look What You Will Learn!

Here are just some of the things you and Suzanne will do together when you register for the Write Your Middle Grade Novel from Start to FinishBook Coaching Program:You’ll Plot Your Novel in 3 Acts with Effective Turning Points

  • You’ll Create a Great Beginning for Your Novel — this is really important!
  • You’ll Learn to Use Sensory Details, Action, and Effective Dialogue in Each Chapter to Show, Not Tell your Story with a strong voice.
  • You’ll develop Your Main Characters, Add Secondary Characters and Create Effective Subplots to Enrich Your Story.
  • You’ll Create Dramatic Tension and Rising Action to Avoid a Sagging Story Middle.
  • You’ll Create an Exciting Climax for Your Story.
  • You’ll Tie Everything Together for a Satisfying Ending to Your Story.
  • You’ll Revise and Polish Your Final Manuscript to Make it Shine.
  • You’ll do all of this via weekly one-on-one coaching sessions via telephone.

Stop Thinking About It and Start Writing!

Are you ready to stop thinking about writing your middle grade novel and actually write it?

There is nothing like the one-on-one assistance you will get by having Suzanne as your private writing coach. She will be there to talk you through the process of writing your novel, and she will give you the right instructional materials to guide you step-by-step. She will help you keep your writing on track, stay motivated, and help you move forward if you get stuck.

Here’s how the Children’s Book Coaching Program works:

1. You will have an Introductory Coaching Consultation via phone to discuss your story idea, your writing background, etc. Before the call, Suzanne will email you several handouts. She will go over these with you during the Introductory Call. One of these handouts will be a Coaching Call Prep form, which you will fill out and email to Suzanne each week, at least 30 minutes before your scheduled call.

2. After the Introductory Coaching Consultation, you will have a 30-60 minute (depending on how much time is needed) call with Suzanne every week for the next 16 weeks. You will be given a writing assignment each week.

3. Suzanne will go over your previous week’s assignment with you each week and then give you a writing assignment for the next week.

4. You will receive a recording of each weekly call (including the Introductory Coaching Consultation).

5. During the first month of coaching calls, you will be developing your storyline, and your characters, so you can begin writing your novel during the second month of coaching.After the first month, you will be coached to write several chapters of your novel each week.

  1. Once you complete a first draft of the entire story, during the final weeks of the program, Suzanne will work with you to revise and polish your story, so your manuscript will be ready to submit to an agent, editor, or to self-publish.

Call for rates/details: (831) 726-3153

We highly recommend you use our Write-A-Book Program to write your non-fiction book. You are welcome to write your book without it and receive coaching as well; it’s just that our program makes the non-fiction writing process easy.

Call us to arrange for book coaching if you want ongoing guidance as you write your book.



Call for rates/details: (831) 726-3153

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