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For Adult Nonfiction and Adult Fiction


Every author can count their blessings when they work with a great book coach, and every Author One Stop, Inc. Book Coach is tops! They will keep you on track and guide you step-by-step through the book writing process.

Phase 1 – Detailed Outline

We start with your book outline. The strength of your book lies in having a strong foundation—it’s your blueprint to success. It saves you time, money, and hours of frustration.

We can’t emphasize enough how important this step is to the success of your entire project.

Your Book Coach will spend an hour each week with you over a 6-week period (by phone or Zoom). During this time, she will create a Detailed Outline for your book. Consider this to be a roadmap for your book. This is not a simple Table of Contents. It includes significant summary information for each chapter that will enable you to take the reins and write confidently. Your Book Coach will extensively cover what each chapter will include, so when you sit down, all you need to do is write and plug in the information.

There is the book you want to write, and the book a reader (or publisher) will buy. Are they the same book?wi Your Book Coach will guide you to create the best possible positioning for your book so that you can easily attract the audience you want to capture.

Phase 2 – Coaching per Chapter

Consider your Book Coach to be your “literary personal trainer.” She will provide encouragement and guidance every step of the way, and each milestone will be celebrated.

You write it, and detailed feedback (including rewriting) will be sent to you to strengthen your manuscript!

1)     You will write a chapter and submit it to your Book Coach. She will review your materials and send her feedback to you via email (using track changes in Google docs or Microsoft Word).

2)    She will follow up to answer your questions and recommend revisions.

3)     She will provide coaching for you for the upcoming chapter(s). This includes motivation and encouragement to keep going.

4)     Following each session, you will rewrite that chapter and send it to her for additional review.

5)  She will provide developmental editing for each chapter (using track changes in Google docs or Microsoft Word). Developmental editing is the process of digging into each chapter to ensure that the content is structured properly and to identify any missing holes.

After you’ve completed your draft, we will provide a bid to professionally edit your work. 
We look forward to helping you to create a book that you are proud of and absolutely love!


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