Analyze and assess your manuscript

We want to make sure your book is a book a publisher will want to buy. We will assess any weakness in the manuscript to strengthen those areas.

Edit your book

If you need editing, we provide all levels of support. All of our editors have worked for publishers or have edited books that have been sold to publishers. We copyedit, line edit, do developmental editing, and offer proofing. We know what publishers need to see to make a buying decision.

Ghostwrite your book

We will write your book for you. We make the process very easy and have created very successful ghostwritten books for our clients. All ghostwriting projects are confidential, and you have full ownership over the completed manuscript.

Book Coaching for your book

We want to make sure you are writing a book a publisher (or reader) will want to buy. We will help you discern the best topic to write about. Your Book Coach will then spend an hour each week with you over a 6-week period to help you create a Detailed Outline for your book, followed by specific coaching per chapter as you write and make revisions.

Write or polish your book proposal

(required by all agents and publishers for non-fiction)
Many companies charge $6000-$10,000 to write a book proposal. We don’t. Our proposal process is convenient, inexpensive, and has been used successfully by scores of people to help get their book deals with literary agents and publishers.

Pitch your manuscript to literary agents or publishers

We have over 20 years of relationships in place with New York literary agents and publishers. We pitch by phone and email. We forward all correspondence to you. That means you are always in the loop regarding your project. You will see any feedback we receive from the agents and publishers to whom we’ve pitched your project.


If you want to find a literary agent or publisher, need a book editor, ghostwriter, or book coach, CONTACT US. We will set up a time to speak with you!

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