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SARAH R. ADAMS is an award-winning, multimedia producer, writer, and educator with over 20 years of professional experience in broadcasting and in higher education. Over the years, she has enjoyed working as a PBS television producer, on-air personality, and host. She has also done extensive work as a Public Radio news reporter, along with experience in non-profit public relations/promotions, content marketing writing, and media relations consulting. She currently works as a lecturer for media studies courses at Central Michigan University, freelances for Public Radio and NPR on anything related to her love of history and culture, and is working on a doctorate in Educational Leadership.

Sarah’s first ghostwriting experience came in the form of documenting a woman’s love story with her late husband so their children would never forget the beautiful memories they all created together. Watching the healing that unfolded as part of the writing process was inspiring and solidified Sarah’s belief in the power of storytelling.

Friends, family, students, and colleagues will tell you she is motivated, innovative, and passionate about learning from new experiences. Most of all, she loves getting to know new people and incorporating her lifelong motto into every conversation: “Tell me your story!”

“Sarah, you did a fantastic job of taking my rambling, free-associating, stream of consciousness meandering and pulling out the salient points to make a clear and cohesive story. Bravo! Masterfully done.” – Christopher Bishop, Chief Reinvention Officer, Improvising Careers


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