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Lisa Canfield

Lisa Canfield is a ghostwriter, screenwriter, editor, and book coach who has worked with athletes, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, a couple of gangsters, and many, many psychologists (and not solely as a client!). She was a developmental editor on Attachments, the debut novel from Sleepless in Seattle screenwriter Jeff Arch, and also wrote What’s Driving You???: How I Overcame Abuse and Learned to Lead in the NBA (co-authored with Keyon Dooling and Joel Canfield); Pill Mill: My Years of Money, Madness, Sex and Drugs (co-authored with Christian Valdes and Joel Canfield); the award-winning Saving Our Sons: A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Boys for Success (co-authored with Clayton Lessor, Ph.D., LPC); and several Forbes Books. She has also co-written two Hallmark movies, Eat, Play, Love and Yes, I Do with husband Joel, and they have two more in development for production in 2021.

Lisa lives in Long Beach, California with her husband Joel and his other wife, their rescue dog Betsy.

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