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Ghostwriter, Editor, Book Coach

Diane Eaton

DIANE EATON is a ghostwriter, editor, author, and columnist whose specialties include self-development and personal transformation, psychology and coaching, memoirs, health and wellness, nutrition, alternative medicine practices, addictions, music, and small business development. Diane has penned articles for publications, including Elite Life Magazine, Conscious Life Magazine, Larson Newspapers, and Kudos Arizona. She has also ghostwritten articles and blogs for a variety of businesses with topics ranging from casino marketing and cloud-based IT, to yoga and meditation, to catering and recreational vehicles.

“Diane Eaton is truly gifted and made the editing process of my new book virtually pain-free. She was friendly, efficient and highly professional as she elevated the content of my work while adding the right touches to make it stand above the crowd.” — John E. Long, EDS, BCC, CMCS and author of Career Judo

“Diane developed stellar content for my website. She’s a fabulous wordsmith.” — Colin Tipping, International best-selling author of Radical Forgiveness

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