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David Cenicola

DAVID CENICOLA is an award-winning and bestselling ghostwriter who writes memoirs, historical fiction, romance, crime and legal thrillers, and novels pertaining to Americana. Some of his bestsellers have been published by Random House, Bantam Books, and Avon Books, among others. David ghostwrote or collaborated on books that have received Goodreads Choice Awards Best Memoir and Autobiography, Finalist National Book Award for Nonfiction, Casa de las Américas Prize for Narrative Literature, Goodreads Choice Awards Best Historical Fiction, and Romance Writers of America (RITA) for Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length, among others. David has been working professionally and successfully as a ghostwriter, manuscript developer, writing coach, and story-outliner for over 25 years. He became a popular ghostwriter with a reputation for producing great and epic family dramas, memoirs that took a life well-lived and turn it into a hero’s journey, historical fiction from vast periods across the globe, slices of Americana, and engaging romance/drama involving ordinary characters finding themselves in extraordinary circumstances. As a ghostwriter, David’s published works include more than twelve memoirs, seven historical dramas, seven romances, five crime-dramas/legal thrillers, and four novels of fiction involving overcoming the odds.

“David came to the rescue when I was standing at the crossroads with my novel. My publisher told me I needed to eliminate the complicated thriller subplot and go with the main plot which was a romance. David had glowing reviews and exceptional credentials. He was able to figure out how to make my legal and corruption scenes zing to life, while making sure the plot advanced forward in the romance genre.” – Kyle

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