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David Aretha

David Aretha has written more than 90 books and edited more than 200 books for 30 publishers, including Random House, HarperCollins, St. Martin’s Press, and Scholastic. He authored Malala Yousafzai and the Girls of Pakistan, which in 2014 was voted a Top 10 Young Adult biography by Booklist and earned a Moonbeam Children’s Book Award—one of two Moonbeam awards he won that year. For Malala, David was one of four authors, including Mitch Albom, to earn a Wilbur Award. David’s The Murder of Emmett Till was assigned reading for journalism students at New York University because of its exemplary journalistic prose. Books that he has edited have appeared on the Today show, CBS Early Show, NPR, and MSNBC. He has edited books with forewords penned by Walter Cronkite, John Eisenhower, Margaret Truman, Maureen O’Hara, and two U.S. senators. He has proofread materials for the Harvard Graduate School of Education as well as the Democratic Party, including those signed by President Barack Obama.

“David was easy to work with, answered all of my questions, and provided a wealth of advice as to how I could structurally improve several sections of the book, including the beginning and ending. He really made my book shine, and his work was instrumental in getting it sold quickly to a publisher. I highly recommend him for manuscript editing.” – Andrea Crisp, author, Hard Crush

“Your edits helped me identify specific areas in my novel that needed to be clearer or to move the story forward. I appreciated that you respected my vision and my voice and did not question me on making changes to the direction or tone of my draft. My draft is much improved because of your suggestions.” – Melanie Weiss

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