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Daniel Roth

Daniel was an Editorial Director and then Publisher at Simon & Schuster for many years. He specializes in fiction.

He has been writing, editing, and film-making all his life. At one point, he was a script analyst for a boutique agency in Hollywood where he literally read over 1000 scripts. The agency then represented Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese, as well as many other names you would recognize. Daniel mentioned to me that he read the first draft of Taxi Driver in what feels like 100 years ago!

Daniel was also Vice President of New Business Development for HarperCollins. His entire working life has focused on the English language and its many permutations. He just doesn’t do footnotes!

Over the recent years, he has edited books, mostly fiction, including 5 different manuscripts for a retired four-star General. Additionally, he won an African Academy Award for his movie, THE SCHOOL OF MAGIC, which is currently available for both download and DVD on Amazon. He was also Executive Producer of Make It Funky!, a documentary about the people, culture and music of New Orleans, one of the greatest music cities in the world! It, too, can be found on Amazon. 

Daniel has a Master’s Degree in English from Columbia University. His poetry has been published many times in independent literary magazines. His book, ORDINARY LIFE IN THREE ACTS, is available on Amazon. His feature film script, BLOOD AND MADNESS-THE BIRTH OF DRAKULA, is actively being shopped right now.

In Daniel’s words: “Truth be told, the only thing I know is the English language; its cadences, its rhythms, story structure, dialog. I really don’t know a damn thing about much of anything else! I have no doubt that I can help you. I hope you will give us a chance.”

An analysis is the first step in your publishing journey. If you would like to get Daniel’s input on your story, he will begin by reading your manuscript and analyzing it. Included with this service is a ½ hr. consultation in which he will discuss his ideas with you to further improve your story. In this phase, we are also discerning if we believe your manuscript is going to be of interest to a traditional publisher, and we will provide feedback about that to you.

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