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Corrine Casanova - Editor

CORRINE CASANOVA specializes in developmental/substantive editing. With over 18 years of experience in book publishing, she has collaborated with best-selling authors, including Stephanie Covington, Claudia Black, Patrick Carnes, David Mee-Lee, Robert Weiss, Jennifer Schneider, Earnie Larsen, and Alan Marlatt.

While an acquisitions editor at Hazelden Publishing, she learned what it takes in order to be offered a solid publishing contract. Her specialties are non-fiction self-help, health, and wellness, addiction and recovery, mental health, and memoir. Throughout her career, she has been known as Corrine the Content Queen for her unique superpower of creating content out of chaos. She is a firm believer that the strength of any book lies in a strong outline which essentially is the book’s blueprint for success.

Corrine also has extensive experience with curriculum development. She worked in partnership with the Minnesota Department of Corrections to create A New Direction, a cognitive-behavioral treatment curriculum for offenders with substance use disorders, in use across the U.S. for 16+ years.

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