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1-Hour Consulting Sessions and Chapter-by-Chapter Book Coaching for Fiction and Non-Fiction


Randy Peyser

Randy Peyser

Is the book you want to write (or have written), and the book a publisher or reader will buy, the same book?

If you want to sell your book to a publisher, and you want scores of readers to buy it, in this 1-hour consultation, we will discuss:

  • The best angle to take regarding your idea to attract a publisher
  • What publishers are looking for now
  • Every component you need to put in place to sell your book to a publisher
  • Market research you must do before you write a single word
  • Formats that work well for non-fiction
  • Book concepts for marketability and salability
  • Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • Literary agents
  • Book proposal writing
  • The target market for your book
  • The title for your book
  • Cover Endorsements

By the end of the consulting session you will feel on-target and confident in the direction you need to take in order to achieve the publishing success you desire.


Whether your book is in the idea stage, or you’ve written a few chapters or entire manuscript, working with a book coach can provide crucial direction and professional expertise that you just can’t get if you haven’t been in the publishing industry for years.

For example, do you know what is hot and selling in New York right now? We do! If you know what’s hot and selling and you can slant your material to focus on what publishers want now, you are more likely to get a book deal.

How Fiction Book Coaching Works

1. You will have an Introductory Coaching Consultation with one of our fiction book coaches. She will speak to you about:

  • Your plot structure
  • ​3 main characters​–your detective, your villain, a key contributor
  • Setting
  • Where to begin the novel–what will be back story and what will be in Chapter One
  • Your theme​

1.  After completing this call, you will write your first chapter. All chapters should be 3000 words maximum, 10-15 pages each. Aim for 20 chapters to complete the book.

2.  You will submit the chapter to the book coach. She will:

a.  Read your chapter

b.  Provide a 1-hour consultation and give you feedback

c.  Send you a recording of your consultation

3. You will rewrite the chapter according to the feedback you receive from the book coach and submit the rewrite.

4. The book coach will provide feedback via email regarding your rewrite.

Our fiction book coaches have sold over 600,000 of their books. We would love for you to do the same!

Call for rates/details: (831) 726-3153

How Non-Fiction Book Coaching Works

1. We highly recommend you use our Write-A-Book Program to write your non-fiction book. You are welcome to write your book without it and receive coaching as well; it’s just that our program makes the non-fiction writing process easy.

2. Call us to arrange for book coaching if you want ongoing guidance as you write your book.

3. We will begin with the consultation at the top of the page. This way, you can make sure you have the correct positioning for your book so it sells. We will examine your book from every angle.

4. Next, you will write your first chapter and send it to us. We will read your chapter and provide feedback via a phone consultation.

5. You will rewrite the chapter according to the feedback you receive from the book coach and submit your rewrite.

6. The book coach will provide feedback via email regarding your rewrite.

7. This process will repeat for each chapter until the book is completed.


Call for rates/details: (831) 726-3153

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